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i haven’t shared any funny pokemon battle stories in a while so let me share a thing that happens like 9 times out of 10


I’ll explain this for people who don’t really do battling so they can follow. I really like doing triples battles its a lot of fun and I tend to encounter tons of legendaries ESPECIALLY Darkrai very often. What people ALWAYS do is put Darkrai in the center. When a Pokemon is in the center it can attack any of the 3 opponents either in front of it or at the sides.

Darkrai has a move called Dark Void which has an 80% chance of putting your Pokemon to sleep. And since its in the center, the void catches all 3 of your Pokemon. 

This is why I always have Espeon on my team in the center. Because Espeon has an ability called Magic Bounce. Which does what it sounds. It basically bounces back magic attacks to the user. So my Espeon just bounces back the Dark Void usually putting all of them to sleep.

Now the funny part is, IT WORKS EVERY TIME. I’ve faced like at least 2 dozen Darkrais in a month and they all do this and I just bounce it back and put them to sleep instead. It’s like a really cheap trick and everyone uses it without even realizing why I may have Espeon in there. 

And the even funnier part is, when their Pokemon fall asleep they disconnect immediately. I think only 2 ppl i’ve battled with actually stayed. But they usually rage quit and leave. As you can see in the above picture not even 2 mins passed in the battle and they left. Like oh you wanted to put me to sleep but couldn’t handle it when I did it to you? pfffft

self reblogging this but this time with two videos so you guys can see it happen in action, just input these codes into the Vs. Recorder while wifi is on !

P2TW-WWWW-WWW8-D7UM (this person actually stayed)
MQLG-WWWW-WWW8-CSDP (this person forfeited immediately)

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The Pokédexes throughout the years


Pokemon Landyards: 

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Espeon + Eevee + Umbreon | Naoyo Kimura

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